Integrative Wellness Coaching for Effective Fibromyalgia Management

Bursitis seems to be one of the every mounting number of symptoms that is common to the fibromyalgia sufferer.
According to aromatherapist and integrative health coach TracyAnn Schuur, "When choosing essential oils for your blend, consider oils that are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, calming, soothing, diuretic and anti-spasmodic. When creating the blend personally also like to look at what is going on at an emotional level and incorporate an oil that will work for that as well. It might mean adding an oil that has nothing to do with alleviating the pain or inflammation in the joint. However, my personal experience has shown that when one includes oils to address the emotional component of the condition it makes all the difference. Distress can amplify pain and generally where there is pain, there is also emotional distress."

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