Hope, Grace and Healing....

A Personal Journey and a Goal for Many!

Life has a tendency to throw curve balls when we least expect them! I went in to work with a fever and couldn’t make it through the day. In the early afternoon, I had to leave and see the doctor. This was the beginning of a five year journey that has led me here!

The symptoms kept stacking up as the life systems kept breaking down. Each system in my body was being attacked, held captive and we could not place the why of it. It took three years and two countries medical teams to build a firm diagnosis, one that is mine to keep for the rest of my life. I tried the medical and pharmaceutical routes and they only masked the issues and created more issues through side effects, so I decided that since I am a lifelong learner, I would take the time to educate myself on other treatment options. I am blessed to have a doctor (GP) who also is a lifelong learner and has been a huge support throughout this journey!

That brings us full circle to my love of oils! I finally found something that worked when I found a balance of vitamin and mineral supplements, essential oils used topically, internally, orally and aromatically combined with medical intervention for the things that required it!

You would have had to have known me for five years to understand the difference! I am not making any medical disclaimers, nor am I promising that what works for me will work for you, but I am telling you this:

  • I was able to eliminate 10 prescriptions with only 1 remaining!
  • I was able to regain a sense of self-control over my own health and wellness!
  • I was able to regain some of the quality of life I had lost!
  • I was able to hit the reset on massive autonomic failure - this requires daily management, but I am not that version of fainting, heart-racing, fever burning, hair losing me anymore!
  • I can go for walks again with my husband, children and dogs!
  • I can stand long enough again to make a Christmas dinner!
  • I can go to church on Sundays again because I no longer fear losing body function in public!

What I know is this, there are solutions all around us. When the earth was created He filled it with the flora and fauna to support and sustain us that we may live abundantly! We were given what we need - we just have to choose to take the steps and learn the HOW factor!

If I can help one person on their journey in life to find hope through grace and to find their own healing, I will feel I have achieved something worthwhile through my illness!

Sending many blessings your way as we begin this journey together!